Logistics/Transportation Transaction Services

One size does not fit all.

What if a company existed that could:

  • Create a customized solution fit specifically to your needs?
  • Generate a centralized repository for enterprise documents while minimizing hard copy storage?
  • Provide version control, approval routing, and task generation?
  • Ease the search process by indexing documents based on your needs, thus improving data accuracy?
  • Document Received

    1. Bill of Lading
    2. Proof of Delivery
    3. Delivery Receipt
    4. Invoice
    5. Driver Paperwork
  • Digitize, Index, Store/Retrieve Documents

    1. Scan, convert to common digital format, capture unique identifier, save
    2. Billing/Invoicing
    3. Retrieve and view documents by indexed fields
  • Process Documents

    1. Link document
    2. Identify exceptions (invalid, missing documents, missing data, unreadable)
    3. Categorize document type
    4. Capture appropriate data: customer, shipper, consignee, charges, product weight, mileage, class, accessorials, etc.
  • Exception/Approval/Monitoring

    1. Apply exceptions/approval escalation rules
    2. Escalate for approval/resolution-email notification
    3. Provide document audit trail-current owner, history, status
  • System Interfaces

  • TMS/ERP/Host System